The Ultimate Jump Starter Buying Guide That You Need To Read

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Planning to buy a Jumpstarter but not sure Which one to buy? And What features to look for. So in this guide, I’ll tell you about all the important things that you need to consider while buying a Car Jump Starter.  

Current Produced By Jump Starter:

The first thing you need to check in the jump starter is cranking and peak Amps. Now you may be thinking what is the difference between these two.

Peak amps refer to the maximum amount of current a jump starter can produce in a short amount of time. While the cranking amps is the steady amount of current produced by the jump starter overtime (30sec at 32°F).

Most of the time you’ll see manufacturers listing peak amps on the jump starter pack. But most of the time those peak amps claims are not justified in the actual test.

Choose Jump Starter According to your Vehicle’s Capacity and Power supply:    

Every beginner buyer makes this one mistake of choosing the wrong jump starter for their car. You have to always check the jump starter if it is suitable for your car or not.

Every jump starter pack has listed the capacity of vehicle it can jump-start and the amount of power supply that is used by the vehicle.

If you buy an underpowered jump starter for a heavy vehicle with a 24V supply then it’s not going to work. Always read the jumper starter pack for the details.

It’ll have mentioned that it can jump-start up to 8L Gas and 6L Diesel engine with 12V supply.

Can work Effectively in Different Temperature:

The most important feature a jump starter can have is operating in different types of temperature. Most of the jump starter should be capable of operating in extremely cold or hot weather conditions. If they’re not then you should probably stay away from them.

Durability Of Jumpstarter and Other accessories:

Durability is one of the important aspects that you shouldn’t overlook. A good quality jump starter will be your companion in long run. Check the outer material of the jump starter for durability.

If it is made from a good quality industrial grade material then it’ll last longer and if not then you should probably skip it. The quality of the jumper cables is also important.

Because when you use them repeatedly, they’re at the risk of melting. So it is important to choose a good one. Now talking about the clamps, they should also be of good quality.

They should be a good conductor and should not corrode even after repetitive usage.

Value For Money Features:

Nowadays most of the jump starter companies are competing for first place. And they’re willing to provide great value for money features in their jump starters.

Not only this but they’re providing competitive pricing also. So you can take advantage of this and buy a good feature pack jump starter. Some of the must-have features that you should look for:

  • LED Flashlight
  • Jump-starter with an air compressor.
  • Different types of USB cables to charge your electronic accessories.
  • Built-In Voltmeter.
  • Good quality hard case for carrying.  


You should always check for the warranty that comes along with the jump starter. As it can give you great reliability for future. If anything ever goes wrong, you can always ask for a free repair and replacement.

Nowadays most of the jumpstarter comes with 1-year replace or repair warranty. But if you’re looking for more years of warranty. Then there are many companies that provide 2-3 extra years of warranty.

Few additional Tips:

Always read the instruction manual before using the jump starter. As it will give you great knowledge about the jump starter. And if any problem occurs, you can always troubleshoot it.

Biggest Misconception of the First-time User:

When you’re about to jump-start your car and the battery reading shows 100%. And after jump starting you’re car, the battery reading will fall to 1%.

But it does not actually fall to 1%. These types of batteries require time to recover. After 15-20 mins, you’ll notice the battery percentage went up to 75%. And you can jump-start you’re car almost 5-10 times this way.